(Not all of the listed small dishes are available every day. Please ask your server.)

Ma-La Sweet & Sour Cucumbers…Salt-cured cucumbers in an aromatic aged vinegar sweet-sour marinade with toasted dry chili, sichuan pepper and sesame oil. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Chili-Cilantro Carrot Salad…Finely slivered carrots dressed with Pi-Xian chili sauce, sesame oil and fresh cilantro leaves. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

O’mei Sesame Candied Cashews…Cashew nuts with a light sweet-salty glaze, studded with black and white sesame seeds. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Taiwan Hai Dai Seaweed Salad…Finely slivered Hai Dai seaweed, dressed with pickled chili, sesame oil and aromatic black vinegar. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Hu Pi Toasted Pepper Salad…Wok-blistered green pasilla peppers, marinated with golden raisins and aged Zhejiang red vinegar. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Gan Bian String Beans…Crisp string beans dressed with Sichuan “Ya Cai”, soy, sesame oil & scallions. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Pan Smoked Sweet Red Peppers…Marinated sweet red pepper, pan roasted, and dressed with sesame oil and feta cheese. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Ma-La Spicy Sliced Vegetarian Sausage…Slices of vegetarian sausage and cooked carrots in a spicy-numb dressing with soy, sichuan peppercorn and chili oil. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

Ningbo Green Soybean Salad…Green soybeans dressed with Ningbo cured mustard greens mince, soy and sesame oil. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]

You Gao Sauced Mushrooms…White and black mushrooms dressed with “You Gao” sauce, a kind of soy paste with garlic, green onion and sesame oil. $4.00 [to-go: $3.50]


Red Oil Dumplings…Homemade pastry crescents filled with minced pork & vegetables, dressed with spiced soy & chili oil. 3 @ $3.95 [to-go: 3 @ $3.95]

Spring Rolls…Filled with vegetables, mushrooms & glass noodles. Sweet chili & mustard sauces. (3) $5.95 [to-go: (3) $5.50]

Jiao Yen Sweet Potatoes…Fried slices of sweet potato with salt, scallions, chili & sichuan pepper. $5.95 [to-go: $5.95]

O’mei Chinese Chicken Salad…Mixed greens, shredded poached chicken, crisp rice stix, red ginger, mustard vinaigrette, black sesame seeds. $3.95 / $7.50 / $10.95 [to-go: $3.95 / $7.50 / $10.95]
Pepper Salt Chicken…Crisp chicken chunks tossed with chili, sichuan pepper, scallions & sesame oil…. $7.95 [to-go: $7.95] Smoked Ribs with Chili Sauce…Crisp-fried smoked ribs on a bed of salad with sweet chili dipping sauce. … $8.95 [to-go: $7.95]

Tomato Eggflower Soup…Fresh tomato, mushrooms & peas in lightly thickened broth with egg flowers. $6.95 / $8.95 /$10.95 [to-go: $4.00 per pint]
Hot & Sour Soup…With tofu, vegetables, wood ears, lily buds and egg flowers in peppery-tart thick broth. $6.95 / $8.95 / $10.95 [to-go: $4.00 per pint]

Daily Special Soup…Ask your server for today’s selection $6.95 / $8.95 / $10.95 [to-go: $4.00 per pint]


Sichuan Green Peppercorn Chicken…Sliced chicken and squashes, with chili, aromatic green Sichuan peppercorn sauce. Ma-La flavors. 14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Ma-La O’mei Smoked Chicken…Our house-cured and smoked chicken, diced and sauteed with corn kernels in a spicy-numb chili & sichuan peppercorn dry-saute. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Sui Mi Chicken with Romaine Cups…Minced chicken, vegetables and crushed peanuts in a lightly spicy tart-sweet sauce. Served with Romaine lettuce cups. $15.45 [to-go: $13.45]

Double Mushroom Chicken Slices…Sliced breast meat, sauteed in a savory light wine sauce with black and white mushrooms. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Chicken with Cashews…Cubed chicken breast meat and squashes wokked in a light soy-sesame oil sauce with toasted cashew nuts. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Chicken & Broccoli…Sliced chicken breast meat wokked with fresh broccoli in a ginger-scallion-soy sauce. $13.95 [to-go: $11.95]

Rice-Smoked Chicken and Cabbage…Slices of O’mei house-smoked chicken, wokked with cabbage, scallions, toasted dry chilies and peppercorn. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Green Pepper Chicken…Chicken slices & pan-roasted pasilla green peppers wokked with Chinese black beans. Toasty & savory. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Apricot Almond Chicken…Chicken breast slices, apricots & almonds, in a spicy toasted-chili apricot sauce. $15.45 [to-go: $13.45]

Sha Cha Chicken…Chicken slices, string beans and peanuts in a savory-spicy sha-cha sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Black Date & Sweet Potato Chicken…Chicken strips braised with sweet potato sticks and Chines black “jujubes” in a sweet-ish dark soy & wine sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts…Diced chicken with peanuts in a toasted chili, sichuan peppercorn, dark sweet-tart glaze. A classic. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Gan Pung Chicken…Crisp-fried chicken strips in a tangy-garlicky-spicy sauce with waterchestnuts & tree ears. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Cui Pi Orange Chicken…Crisp chicken strips in a fresh orange sweet-sour sauce, with chili & sichuan pepper flavors. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Mu Shu Chicken…Sliced chicken wokked with cabbage, bamboo, lily buds, tree ears, eggs and scallions. Includes 4 handmade mandarin pancakes and sweet bean sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Lemon Chicken…Crisp chicken pieces tossed in a fresh lemon sweet-sour sauce, served on napa salad. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]
Coconut Curry Chicken…Chicken strips braised in a coconut milk & curry sauce, with onions, sweet potato, squashes & broccoli. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Rosemary & Garlic Chicken…Chicken strips with white mushrooms dry-wokked with garlic, salt & rosemary. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]


Choose between White Fish or Salmon for any fish dish

Fish Slices with Broccoli…Sauteed with ginger & wine, served on a bed of fresh broccoli $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Sha Cha Fish…Sliced fish wokked in a spicy sha-cha sauce with green beans and toasted peanuts. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Fish with Green Peppers…Sliced fish and green pasilla peppers wokked in a garlic and black bean sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Wok-Seared Fish…Pan-seared filets in a garlic, chili & sichuan peppercorn broth served over sauteed squashes. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Sichuan Green Peppercorn Fish…Fish slices and squashes simmered in spicy Pi-Xian chili and sichuan green peppercorn sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Fish in Spicy Tomato Sauce…Sauteed with tomatoes and onions in a chili-cumin-cilantro seasoned tomato sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Taiwan-Style Black Vinegar Fish…Crisp-fried fish filets draped in a sauce with ginger, garlic, chili, scllions and special “Kong Yen” black vinegar. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Lemon Sweet & Sour Fish…Batter-fried fish strips served in a fresh lemon sweet-sour sauce on a bed of napa salad. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Black Pepper Sauce Fish…Fish chunks braised with onions and squashes in a rich dark sauce with lots of fresh-ground black pepper. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]


Sichuan Spicy Green Peppercorn Prawns…Plump prawns and squashes wokked in a spicy sauce with Pi Xian Sichuan chili sauce and special green Sichuan peppercorn. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Cashew Prawns…Prawns and squashes wokked in a soy-wine sauce with toasted cashew nuts. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Garlic Prawns with “A-choy”…Juicy white prawns in a garlic-wine sauce, on a bed of “A-choy” greens. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]
Prawns with Basil and Tomato…Prawns wokked with garlic, tomatoes, chili and basil, in a special Kong Yen black vinegar sauce. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Yuxiang Prawns with Eggplant…Prawns and Chinese eggplant in a sweet-tart garlic-chili-ginger sauce. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Kung Pao Prawns with Peanuts…Prawns wokked in the classic sweet dark soy toasted chili & Sichuan peppercorn sauce, with roasted peanuts $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Sha Cha Prawns…Prawns, crisp string beans and peanuts in a spicy sha cha sauce. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]

Lemon Prawns…Crisp fried prawns in a fresh lemon sweet-tart sauce, served on a bed of napa salad. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]
Prawns with Broccoli…Prawns and fresh broccoli simply sauteed in a light shaoxing wine sauce. $16.95 [to-go: $14.95]


Jiao Yan Spare Ribs…Tender pork ribs dry-wokked with chili, Sichuan pepper and scallions. 14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Hunan Smoked Spare Ribs…Our house-cured and smoked pork ribs, fried crisp and topped with chopped red chili peppers and Chinese black beans. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Black Pepper Braised Spare Ribs…Pork ribs braised with onions in a rich dark black pepper sauce, served over squashes. 14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Sichuan Bacon, Cabbage & Chilies…O’mei smoked bacon sauteed with cabbage, scallions and toasted dry chilies. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Sichuan Green Peppercorn Pork…Sliced pork loin and squashes simmered in a Sichuan green peppercorn & chili sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Zhenjiang Sweet & Sour Pork…Fried crisp pork loin strips in a traditional sauce made with aromatic Zhenjiang vinegar. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]
Yuxiang Pork…Pork loin shreds, waterchestnuts and tree-ear shreds in classic spicy-sweet-tart-garlicky Yuxiang sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Garlic Chive Pork…Pork loin shreds wokked with savory Chinese garlic chives and lots of bean sprouts. Light and savory. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Twice Cooked Pork…Sliced boiled fresh bacon, sauteed with cabbage, green peppers & scallions in a rich spicy bean sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Pork Slices with Pasilla Green Peppers…Sliced pork loin and toasted pasilla pepper strips wokked with Chinese black beans. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Mu Shu Pork…Pork loin shreds, eggs, cabbage, tree ears & vegetables. Served with 4 homemade mandarin pancakes and bean sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Hu La Toasted Chili Pork…Crisp fried loin strips, dry-wokked with a LOT of dry red chilies and Sichuan peppercorn. Very unique texture and flavor. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]


Sichuan “Shui Zhu” Beef…Flank steak slices and geens in a spicy-numbing broth with chili oil and Sichuan peppercorn. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Pepper-Salt Crisp Beef…Crisp-fried strips of beef, wokked with salt, spicy green chilies and Sichuan pepper. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Sha Cha Beef…Sliced flank steak, string beans & peanuts in a spicy-savory sha cha sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Cui Pi Orange Beef…Crisp steak slices with tosted chili, Sichuan peper and fresh orange sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Hu La Crunchy-Spicy Beef…Very crisp strips of beef, dry-wokked with LOTS of toasted red chilies and Sichuan peppercorn. Unique aromas and texture. $15.95 [to-go: $13.95]

Beef with Broccoli…Sliced flank steak and fresh broccoli in ginger-soy glaze. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Garlic Wok-Grilled Beef…Marinated flank steak, wok grilled with garlic and black pepper, served over squashes. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Beef with Mushrooms…Tender sliced beef sauteed with fresh mushrooms, peas and cloud ears in a rich sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Spicy Cumin & Tomato Beef…Sliced beef sauteed with tomato, onion, chili & cumin in a spicy tomato sauce. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Green Pasilla Pepper Beef…Flank steak slices with toasted spicy green pasilla peppers and savory black beans. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]
Black Pepper Beef…Beef slices and onions in a rich dark sauce with lots of black pepper flavors. Served over a bed of fresh squashes. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]

Mongolian Beef…Sliced flank steak seared with lots of spring onions, chili, soy and wine. Served over crisp rice stix. $14.95 [to-go: $12.95]


String Beans…available in three styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Gan Bian Dry-Sauteed with “ya cai” and minced pork.
  • Garlic-sauteed with salt.
  • Sauteed with Chinese black beans and garlic


Broccoli…available in four styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Broccoli with Cashews.
  • Sauteed with Garlic & Chinese black beans
  • Broccoli with Mushrooms
  • Yuxiang broccoli with chili and minced pork

Squashes…mixed fresh green and yellow squashes available in three styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Sauteed with Garlic and Olive Oil.
  • Braised in spicy tomato and onion sauce.
  • Sauteed with Chinese black beans and garlic


Chinese Eggplant…available in four styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Spicy Yuxiang eggplant with minced pork.
  • Sauteed with Basil, Chili and Kongyen Black Vinegar Sauce
  • Simmered with spicy tomato & onion sauce.
  • Gan Bian style with “ya cai”, garlic & minced pork.


Mushrooms… available in two styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • White mushrooms sauteed with Garlic, Wine and Olive Oil.
  • Black & white mushrooms braised in rich sauce, over greens.


Choy Sum… a tender and crisp Chinese green, sauteed simply with garlic and salt. $9.95 [to-go: $8.95]

A-Choy… A tender and leafy dark green Chinese vegetable available in three styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Sauteed with sliced green chili peppers and “fu-ru”.
  • With Chinese black beans and garlic.
  • Simply sauteed with salt and garlic


Chinese Napa Cabbage… available in three styles. $10.95 [to-go: $9.95]

  • Braised with two kinds of mushrooms.
  • With bean thread noodles and Tianjin Garlic Cabbage (dong cai).
  • Sauteed with toasted chili & Sichuan pepper in tart-sweet sauce.



Peng Jia Spicy Black Bean Tofu…Fried tofu simmered with sliced pork, greens and scallions, seasoned with black beans and a little chili. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Sha Cha Tofu…Fried bean curd (tofu), string beans and peanuts; in a spicy-savory sha cha sauce. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Ma Po Tofu…Super-soft tofu simmered with minced pork in the classic sauce with Pi Xian chili and Sichuan peppercorn. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Twice-Cooked Pressed Tofu…Firm pressed slices of beancurd wokked with green peppers, cabbage and scallions in a spicy-rich sauce with sweet bean paste and Pi-Xian chili paste. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Coconut Curry Tofu…Fried bean tofu, sweet potatoes, squashes, broccoli and onions in a Thai red curry and coconut milk sauce. $12.95 [to-go: $10.95]

Black Date and Sweet Potato Tofu…Fried bean curd simmered with sweet potato chunks and smokey-sweet chinese black dates (jujubes), in a rich dark sauce. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Mushrooms and Tofu Braise…White and black mushrooms, soft tofu, savory sauce, over a bed of green choy sum. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Spicy Tomato Braised Tofu…Fried bean tofu with onions and tomatoes in a spicy chili-cumin tomato sauce. $11.95 [to-go: $9.95]

Mu Shu Vegetables with Mandarin Pancakes…Shredded pressed tofu, cabbage, vegetables, and eggs. Served with 4 home-made mandarin pancakes and sweet bean sauce. $13.95 [to-go: $11.95]


Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pie…in a cookie crumb crust topped with peanuts and chocolate drizzles. $4.00 [to-go: $4.00]